LAHORE: A seminar on the 14th anniversary of renowned Sufi writer and poet was held at Ewan-e-Iqbal on Wednesday. Justice (r) Mian Nazeer was the chief guest and Sahibzadah Kashif Mehmood presided over the seminar.

Wasif Ali Wasif is famous for his unique literary style. He has written short prose on topics like life, fear, expectations, happiness.

Dr Akram Chughtai, a close friend of Wasif, said it was not known when Wasif began writing. He said in early 1970s his poetry had appeared and that his first poetry book was Kiran Kiran Sooraj (every ray is a sun in itself) which was appreciated in literary circles. He said after the publication of the book, Wasif had begun writing in a newspaper. He said his articles were later compiled in a book form. He said his books include Dil Darya Samnadar (The heart as deep as ocean) and Qatra Qatra Qulzam (ocean in a drop and a drop in an ocean). He said his book Qatra Qatra Qulzam was also translated in English.

Religious scholar Ahmad Javed said he had met Wasif only a few times. He said that observing silence was a quality of tasawuf and Wasif possessed the quality to express long phrases in short words. He said Wasif had tried to depict truth in his writings. He said his writings could help us in actualising ourselves. He said Wasif not only had written truth but he also spoke truth. He said, I consider Sufis an elite part of religion, if they excluded, religion will only be for ordinary people.