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  1. Khan Says:

    why cant we download and listen it later

  2. admin Says:

    you can download with the help of download accelerator software, Please install this software and download sarkar mehfil audio.

  3. Mohammad Awais Says:

    Good Effort !!
    Allah Bless you all

  4. fayyaz Ahmed Butt Says:

    Aslaam o alaikom

    What is mehfil. Is it a audio sitting? If it is than is there any recording??

    w´, salaam

  5. admin Says:

    Yes these are audio mahafil’s. Question answer session. You can download them your browser. Please try mozilla if Internet explorer is not working for you.



  6. muhammad saqib Says:

    to admin
    most of the time when i visit this website its down , if you guys need any help please send me email.

  7. admin Says:

    Dear Saqib,

    Thanks for your offer. It was due to a backup name servers which is already fixed.

    Your feedback and suggestions are really important to us. Please keep writing to us.


    Web Team
    Wasif Ali Wasif . pk

  8. shakeel Says:

    Salams to all thanks to you brother its a treasure for seekers any one bata sakta hay k wasif hozoor kay peer kon thay our apka silsila konsa tha and is waqat apka naib kon hay am waiting for the reply plz

  9. admin Says:

    Dear Shakeel,

    Please read the following two links.


    Web Team

  10. jamshed Says:

    thanks u all

  11. basit Says:

    Wasif Ali Wasif sab k bayanaat mashal e rah hain.

  12. hammad Says:

    thanks to all!

    hazrat wasif ali wasif jisay insan is dunia mein atey nhi bejay jatey hain.

  13. UMAR DRAZ Says:


  14. zafar Says:

    kia wasif saheb ka koe khalefa bhe hy
    agr hy to kahan mil sakta hy

  15. admin Says:

    Dear Zafar,

    Thanks for wirting to us. Please go through the whole stuff Books and Audios. Wasif Sb (RA) has explained this subject in his books as well as Audio.

    I hope that will help you.



  16. Rana Says:


  17. Rana Badar Says:

    Tusi great o Pah Jee.

  18. sheeraz Says:

    dear admin can i hve or purchase all audios in cd or dvd format?

  19. Asim Says:

    Can I download all audios from one link only? Because if I download one by one then it takes too much time.

  20. omer latif Says:

    well i have heard this great man for the first time in my life and it has cleared a lot of doubts and questions in my mind related to my religion , myself and the whole purpose of this universe…. i know it is almost impossible to understand him fully but according to our wisdom feham o farasat and with the help of Allah the words of this darwaish will give us guidance in each and every step of our life….

  21. Dr Muhammad Shahzad Aslam Says:

    Masha Allah, Allah apko ajar day .amin ,ap ny bohat acha kaam kia hy yeh site bana ker ,thanks from me

  22. Muhammad Wasif Bhatti Says:

    great poet

  23. Abdullah Says:

    serf itna he keh sakta hun k Allah ap ko is ka ajer dy ga our itna dy ga k banda soch b naihi sakta bandy ka us ke ata min kiya dakhal…
    bahooooooooooooot brri mehrbani ke hy ap ny is umat py is pakistani qom py.

  24. Abdullah Says:

    Allah Ap ko Sella dy ga, ap ny bahot mehrbani ke hy urdu bolny walun pr. jazaa kum u Allah.

  25. Waqar Dhariwal Says:

    Hz. Wasif Ali Wasif Rehmat Ullah Allayh.
    He is voice of Allah.Voice of Mohmmad Salalahu Alayhay Wasalam.
    Some Mefils like:”Mazarat Per Hazari, Saber, Shukar 12-12-1985.MP3″ are very incomplete how we can get it as complete? please.

  26. Sarfraz Ali Says:

    nice work………..

  27. Mohammad Awais Says:

    Allah Pak Hz. Wasif Ali Wasif sb k darjaat buland farmai. Aamin

  28. Javed Iqbal Says:

    Wasif Sahib ki Mehfil aam awam tak punchana ye baree naiki hai. Allah Pak aap kay kam ko pasend fermay or Rab tala mujjay be aisay kamoo kay liee pasend fermay.
    Allah Pak ki pehshan or un say mohabat or shikaite say Rab kay Shukker mai aana bare baat hai.
    Allah Pak Wasif Sahib ko alla maqam aatta fermay ye un ka maaqam hi hai k un ki mehfil aam hai.
    allah pak ap loogoo ko ise ka ajjar-e-Azeem aata fermay

  29. waqar dhariwal Says:

    Hazrat Wasif Ali Wasif Rehmat Allah Alayh.Ameen

  30. waqar dhariwal Says:

    Ya Allah Hazoor Wasif Ali Wasif Rehmat Allah Alayh Ka Qurab,App Ka Khayal,Andaz,Mazaj Atta Hu Ameen.Hazrat Sufi Wali Kamil Saahba-e- jalwa wa saahba-e- jamal piri-Wa-Murshadi wa Hadi Wa Muhsani Hazoor Wasif Ali Wasif Rehmat Allah Allayh.Hazoor ka faiz jari hai bilkul jari hai subhanallah ,Alhamdullilah ,Alhamdullilah ,Alhamdullilah ,Alhamdullilah,Alhamdullilah ….Ameen

  31. waqar Dhariwal Says:

    Hazoor Wasis Ali Wasif علیہ صلاة و سلام و رحمتہ اللہ و برکاتہ آمین

  32. Waqar Dhariwal Says:

    Ya Wasif Ali Wasif Rehmat-U-Allah Alayh.

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